Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Managed to get a photo of the wonderful "Peter's Quilt" this morning, before work (really must come up with a better name for it).

The photo looks OK - can't say that it bears close scrutiny, but . . . maybe he can use it for a picnic rug or something!!

Have also got 2 blocks done for a new quilt which will be for my lovely daughter, Ashleigh. She likes the Japanese style so I hope she likes mum's choices.

Actually have all of the first block finished and the one sample of the second one. Going home to work on it some more tonight. I am very happy with the way it looks. And the positive of that is that if Ashleigh doesn't like it, then I can have it for myself!!

Oh I am so tired - why is it I always feel like updating this blog at this time of night?!

Just had to record that I have had a very productive weekend - photos to come (tomorrow I will start doing this much earlier).

Grand achievement - finished a quilt that was started for my son when he was about 8 years old - he is now 31!!! Can't say it's a marvel of stitching - it is a marvel though that I have finally finished it. Promise there will be photos to come. Even though it's not something I am particularly happy to show off, I am ecstatic that one (of many) UFOs has finally hit the dust. Huh - and Peter didn't think he would ever see it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Did manage to get the original baby quilt finished, but I've decided that perhaps it's a little old for a baby. I have decided that it will go to my older granddaughter, Brittany. She has already seen it and said she loved it, so it will be appreciated.
It was made from Laurel Burch's Dancing Horses panel. Needless to say I really like bright fabrics.

This is the first quilt that I am not happy with. It is now finished and machine quilted but it is not sitting properly. I think it might be salvagable, but it will be a good one to have at Nana's place.

The blocks on the new one are very much the same but for some reason I feel it's going to be better. It had better be - the baby is due in about 8 weeks.

And this is one of the Fairy squares.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Have just bought a copy of Electric Quilt 7. Spent the last 2 nights trying to work it out. Am pleased to say that I have now designed my first quilt. The hardest part has been choosing fabrics.

Anyway, happy with the result of this one. It is based on a quilt that is in this month's Australian Patchwork & Quilting magazine. I have some lovely fairy fabric (will be fussy cut in the blank squares) and I'm looking forward to making it for the newest grandchild. Let's hope it all works out OK. I will put pictures up as it evolves.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Big thanks to the wonderful Lynda for suggesting I attend this workshop and for being such a great travelling/sewing companion.
Wow - what a fabulously tiring weekend. Travelled up to North Sydney on Friday night to our accommodation, then up bright and early on Saturday morning. The day started out with a trunk show from Kellie and then in the afternoon we got stuck into the applique side of the project. This photo shows the finished projects (I am second from the right in the back row).

Had drinks and dinner out on Saturday night at a great Thai restaurant in Cammeray (see Corrie's blog for more photos and details). Luckily we slept more soundly on Saturday night, then we were up and at it again Sunday morning. We spent the morning practicing, with Kellie showing us how "easy" it is (NOT). By the afternoon though, it was time to bite the bullet and have a go myself. While I didn't get it all finished, when I look at it now I am relatively pleased with my efforts. Not the quality of Kellie's work, but hey practice . . . practice . . . practice!!!