Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh my, a whole heap of time seems to have gone by since I last put up an entry. So, what's been happening - lots of work (of course), but weekends filled with fun things too.

A couple of weeks ago saw us spending the day at Bulli playing a friendly game of bowls. Have to say that my team won the game on the last end - and it was my bowl that was the winning bowl. Gotta be lucky sometimes!!
Then last weekend it was birthday time. My two grandchildren have their birthdays just a day apart, so it was off to Campbelltown to share gifts and help celebrate. They really are both adorable.

The next one is due in a few weeks, so luckily she won't have to share her birthday with these two!!

Lots of pressies were given for the new baby too, but of course I didn't get photos of them. The fairy quilt was shown, but I had to bring it home. Can't finish the lable until I know what name to put on it. They haven't decided on that yet. I think they are waiting until they are certain of the gender - if we're wrong, I will have to get busy and make another quilt!! Couldn't have a boy with a "fairy" quilt!!

Did manage to get Ashleigh's quilt all finished. The quilting didn't take too long. Put it on the frame and used one of the Quilter's Garden pantograph designs (Ramblings). Oh, looks like they have changed their name to Quilter's Dream & Sewing Machines - and they won the Illawarra Business of the Year for 2010 - Congratulations.
It fits rather nicely on my queen size bed, but Ashleigh only has a double where she is now, so should cover a little more. Shame though - it matches really well with the new towels in my bathroom. Guess that means I will just have to make myself something in similar colours.

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  1. Ashleigh's quilt is beautiful - looking forward to seeing it on Tuesday. Lots of fun times happening.