Saturday, January 15, 2011

Well, it is already the middle of January - where has the time gone. Despite really good intentions, I wasn't able to keep up the detail in this blog. Just didn't seem to be enough time to write up my "diary" for my own benefit, download my pictures, check facebook and write in the blog. And the photos seemed to take forever to upload.

I have been back in Australia since New Years Eve, back at work since 11 January and I have no idea what happened to the time in between. I do know I haven't done any of the things that needed doing around the house - oven cleaning, shower cleaning and tidying of cupboards and drawers. Good thing (I guess) they are still there - there are no fairy godmothers in my house!!! Not to worry, I will just have to leave them until the next lot of holidays and see if I can get enthusiastic then!!

So to backtrack - Christmas was lovely with no snow on that day, but plenty a day or so after. Lots of havoc created in places I had been to, but we seemed to be rather fortunate in Portland. I was assured it was because the weather was not unusual for them, so they are prepared for it.

On our way to Mt Washington, the boys were persuaded to take me to Keepsake Quilting in Center Harbor (North Hampshire). What an amazing store that was. So much fabric. I still can't believe I spent nearly 2 hours in the shop and came out with absolutely no fabric. It was just a case of fabric overload I think. I'm sure if I'd had the opportunity to go back I would have succumbed, but considering my bags on the way back, I guess it was probably a good thing I didn't get that opportunity.

After the snow storms, Peter insisted that I had to have a turn taboggoning down the hill. That's me in the photo - hanging on for dear life. It was great fun, although there was a little panic when the thing started turning and I couldn't see where the one rock in the paddock was!! Peter followed me down, just to make sure I didn't get into any trouble (what a good son). It was fun - shame about the walk back up the hill. The one trip down was sufficient for me. I left the fun to the "younger" ones.

The cold eventually got the better of me and I ended up reading in the car until they had finished with their fun. Managed to catch the snow blower clearing the sidewalks. Wondered how they got such lovely neat mounds on the side of the roads.

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  1. Love the toboganning photo! It's great.