Monday, December 27, 2010

Arrvied in Portland on Sunday night, just after they received some fresh snow. Went on a tour of the lighthouses in Portland - it was VERY cold and windy.

Lots of wandering around the Old Port area - wonderful craft shops. Have also been eating rather well - can you imagine having lobster sandwiches for lunch!!! Then topped it off with a half a lobster for dinner as well. Figure I wouldn't normally eat it at home, so best make the best of it here where it is so cheap! Don't you just love the "hat hair"!!!

My son is taking me to Mount Washington Resort as my xmas present - how spoilt am I?! Spent a wonderful Christmas Eve being pampered in the Spa while Peter went skiing. What an amazing resort this is - so picturesque. And yes, it is very cold - but beautiful. Looks just like a postcard doesn't it?!

Back in Portland tonight and there is a snow storm warning for tonight. The cars are not to park on the side of the road, so that they will be able to clear the roads of snow. Must admit, it is pretty blowy out there at the moment, I will be interested to see what it looks like tomorrow.

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