Saturday, December 18, 2010

Friday - 17 December

Well, despite the cosy bed, I still was awake relatively early – 7.30 am. Have fluffed around in the hotel room until 10 and am just about to head out on my own – where to first I wonder???

Headed up to the Information Centre to find out where I should go – first stop though was the shopping centre – or should I say – Macys. In fact, that took up most of the morning – well, all of it actually.
Bought myself three pair of jeans ($80 for all – they were on sale), some gloves (to keep my hands from freezing) and some makeup (which I thought was cheaper, but still saved nearly $30).

Went into a “Pharmacy” which was more like going into an IGA – they even had those check out yourself registers, like Woolies.

Got sick of shopping (I just kept spending money – and wondering how I was going to carry it all), so headed back to the hotel to offload. By 2 pm I was trying to get on the “hop on hop off” tram ride, but the tourist guy at the hotel suggested I would be better off waiting till tomorrow when I have more time. So I was walking again – up to Boston Common and the Boston Gardens.
The lake in the gardens is all frozen over – except for a little circle of water, with 2 ducks in it (see photo below). The gardens look lovely although a little bare – they would be magnificent in spring and autumn. Saw a group of children “carolling” around the streets – how cute. But oh, this body is not meant for walking and standing so long.

Back aching, footsore and needing a toilet, headed back to the hotel where by 4.30 I was in bed having a “rest” because I was falling asleep in front of the computer while looking at my photos!!

It’s now about 8.30 and I’m not going anywhere – much too cold. Those long johns I bought, thinking I wouldn’t need them – I had them on this afternoon so the cold wouldn’t go straight through my jeans.

Well, tomorrow is another day!!

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  1. Hi Karen - I feel cold just looking at those two ducks paddling away in their tiny piece of lake. Great to know you've arrived safely. Excellent price for your new jeans.