Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thursday - 16 December

So many things going round and round in my mind had to take a sleeping tablet so I could actually get some sleep. Managed to go off eventually and then was up and getting everything packed to head up to James & Jen’s place. Jennifer took me to the airport – with no fuss or traffic jams. As a result, I was there about 4 hours before the flight. Not to worry, had plenty of time to do some shopping before boarding the flight.

Lots of sitting around waiting, but eventually got onto the plane. We then sat on the runway for another hour so it was after 5.30 before we even left Sydney. Now in the air and oh, do I know what Ashleigh meant about the plane not being up to my usual standard!! I was getting excited about the movies I would be able to see – only to find that there are no individual monitors (think local flights between Melbourne or Brisbane & Sydney) – I am watching 'Eat Pray Love' on a crappy little monitor in the aisle. Added to that I am in the window seat – which in itself is not bad – but there is no room to move. Just hope my bladder can hold out for the 12 hour flight!! There are a couple of nice flight attendants, but the one female on this side is chewing gum as she serves and I don’t think she knows how to smile. Never mind, I smiled at her, so that probably made her day.

Not sure how much sleep I will get under these conditions, but here’s hoping.

Well, despite taking a sleeping tablet and watching another movie (Charlie St Cloud), sleep eluded me, so this felt like the longest flight of all time. When I did finally manage to get to sleep, it was only for about 2 hours and I was sleeping with my mouth wide open, so goodness knows what sounds were coming out!

Arrived in San Francisco – lovely view coming in to land, but didn’t spot the bridge (or is that in LA?). At the airport got herded through customs – yep, had to pick up my bag first (bad advice Peter). Then was rushed through to the domestic terminal to sit and wait (some more) for the flight to Boston. Had things not been booked here, I could even have opted to stay overnight in San Francisco at the airline's expense – something they do apparently when the flights are fully booked. And it was – there wasn’t a spare seat anywhere.

Arrived in Boston picked up my bag – took out my coat & scarf – got a taxi and was safetly encsconsed in the hotel room just after midnight. Not bad – only 24 hours of travelling time. The bed looks really inviting.

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